APP-TECH Inc. is Santa Cruz County’s most experienced energy consulting company. The company’s president, Patrick Splitt, brings special insights & knowledge of the State Building Energy Code to those projects undertaken by APP-TECH. Pat has participated in many of the regulatory proceedings leading up to the adoption of the Title 24 Energy Code & has gained a unique understanding of these regulations & their underlying intent. Pat has also successfully proposed changes of energy regulations to the California Energy Commission, the Public Utilities Commission, the Building Standards Commission, & the State Office of Administrative Law. Our staff is certified by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, & the California Association of Building Energy Consultants. Pat is also a Certified Green Building Professional and a member of the Northern California Chapter of the USGBC.

APP-TECH focuses on ensuring cost-effective compliance with the Energy Code. The company does not sell any products or represent any manufacturers. The key to a comfortable, functional, energy efficient building is coordinating energy features with other elements of a building’s design at the earliest phase of your project.