Title-24 Building Energy Code Compliance

California’s Title 24 is the State Building Code. Part 6 of that Code contains the Building Energy Efficiency requirements. The latest version (2019) of the Standards has been extensively revised, and is effective as of January 1st 2020. There are many ways to achieve Title 24 compliance. We will show you how to build the building you desire while meeting or exceeding these more restrictive requirements. Please include APP-TECH in the design process as early as possible. These new regulations are more complex and require more coordination between the various members of the design team. The following list contains a few of the more significant changes.


  • The standards require solar photovoltaic systems for
    new homes.
  • The standards also encourage demand responsive technologies including battery storage and heat pump water heaters and improve the building’s thermal envelope through high performance attics, walls and windows to improve comfort and energy savings.
  • For the first time, the standards establish requirements for newly constructed healthcare facilities.
  • In nonresidential buildings, the standards update indoor and outdoor lighting, making maximum use of LED technology.
  • For residential and nonresidential buildings, the standardsenable the use of highly efficient air filters to trap hazardous particulate s from both outdoor air and cooking and improve kitchen ventilation systems.